Best Episode 

The Siege of Mallory Wharf РThe death of criminal Silty Moffatt causes Sarge and Prof  to reminisce on how they defeated him years ago at the siege of Mallory Wharf. Then Marilyn and Hero introduce the new Marine Incident Response Unit which is just an inflatable dinghy with an outboard motor. Prof is not impressed and persuades aquaphobic Sarge to go back on the patrol boat with him, where they easily beat the MIRU to an emergency. Flushed with their success, they then accidentally run into the ashes of Silky which are being spread on the water.

Imdb Score [8.4]

Worst Episode

Flying Colours – Prof and his young assistant Darwin are amazed to find a number of ducks and geese dyed a variety of colours. Pollution is suspected but Prof discovers that a baker’s little girl has been emptying his colourings into the river. Policewoman Marilyn, the object of Darwin’s affection, is annoyed when hunky Hero is given the permanent posting she wanted but Hero does save Sarge when he falls into the river.

Imdb Score – [7.4]