Worst & Best Dad’s Army Episodes/List

Title: Dad’s Army
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 80
Runtime: 30-60min
First Transmission: 1968-1977
Channel: BBC

The misadventures of the Home Guard during WW2.


Episode Rankings




Best Episode [ S6 Ep1 ]

The Deadly attachment – Mainwaring’s men have been charged with the task of guarding a captured German U-boat crew until a military escort arrives. Much hilarity ensues when they have to house them in the church hall overnight because of a delay with the escort. This episode includes the scene where Pike sings “Hitler is a twerp”  and gets his name put on the Germans hit list.
31 October 1973


Worst Episode [ S1 Ep2 ]

Museum Piece – The future Home Guard needs military supplies, so Captain Mainwaring simply cannot resist illegally ‘requisitioning’ anything of use in the Peabody Museum of Historical Army Weapons when it closes for the war.  The loot proves worse than disappointing.
7 August 1968


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Series One

#1 The Man and the Hour (1968) [30m]-
After hearing of the formation of the Home Guard, bank manager George Mainwaring decides to form a platoon in Walmington-on-Sea and declare himself Captain.
#2 Museum Piece (1968) [30m]-
Mainwaring attempts to requisition much-needed weapons from the local Peabody Museum of Historic Army Weapons.
#3 Command Decision (1968) [30m]-
Mainwaring hands over command to Colonel Square for weapons, but the weapons are muskets and he wants the platoon to fight on horseback.
#4 The Enemy Within the Gates (1968) [30m]-
Mainwaring’s men capture a couple of German airmen.
#5 The Showing Up of Corporal Jones (1968) [30m]-
Corporal Jones has to complete an assault course in fifteen minutes or he will be removed from the platoon.
36 Shooting Pains (1968) [30m]-
The platoon has to compete with another to win the chance to provide the Guard of Honour for the Prime Minister.

Series Two

#7 Operation Kilt (1969) [30m]-
The platoon participates in an invasion exercise with Captain Ogilvie and a Highland regiment.
#8 The Battle of Godfrey’s Cottage (1969) [30m]-
The platoon mistakenly believes an invasion is in progress.
#9 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker (1969) [30m]-
Walker is called up into the army.
#10 Sergeant Wilson’s Little Secret (1969) [30m]-
Wilson mistakenly believes that Private Pike’s mother is pregnant.
#11 A Stripe for Frazer (1969) [30m]-
Mainwaring promotes Private Frazer to lance corporal – it does not go well.
#12 Under Fire (1969) [30m]-
Frazer spots what he believes to be a German spy signalling planes.

Series Three

#13 The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones (1969) [30m]-
Jones’ butcher van is converted into an armoured car for the platoon.
#14 Battle School (1969) [30m]-
The Platoon go to a training facility, where they are challenged to capture an officer.
#15 The Lion Has Phones (1969) [30m]-
Mainwaring teaches the men to use the public telephone system as emergency communication.
#16 The Bullet Is Not for Firing (1969) [30m]-
The platoon’s supply of ammunition becomes extinguished.
#17 Something Nasty in the Vault (1969) [30m]-
Mainwaring and Wilson become stuck in a vault with an unexploded bomb.
#18 Room at the Bottom (1969) [30m]-
Mainwaring is demoted to Private.
#19 Big Guns (1969) [30m]-
The platoon is given a heavy naval artillery piece.
#20 The Day the Balloon Went Up (1969) [30m]-
A barrage balloon runs amok.
#21 War Dance (1969) [30m]-
Mainwaring announces that a dance will be held to raise morale.
#22 Menace from the Deep (1969) [30m]-
The platoon mans a machine gun post at the end of the pier.
#23 Branded (1969) [30m]-
Private Godfrey admits to having been a conscientious objector during the Great War and is sent home in disgrace.
#24 Man Hunt (1969) [30m]-
Mainwaring uses Walker’s new tracking dog to locate a discarded parachute.
#25 No Spring for Frazer (1969) [30m]-
Frazer loses the spring of his gun, possibly in a soon to be buried coffin.
#26 Sons of the Sea (1969) [30m]-
The platoon gets lost in what they think is the English Channel.

Series Four

#27 The Big Parade (1970) [30m]-
The platoon joins the Spitfire Week parade, but they need a mascot.
#28 Don’t Forget the Diver (1970) [30m]-
The platoon takes part in an exercise with Captain Square’s men.
#29 Boots, Boots, Boots (1970) [30m]-
The platoon is put through a foot-toughening regime.
330 Sgt – Save My Boy! (1970) [30m]-
Pike is caught in barbed wire in the middle of a minefield on the beach.
#31 Don’t Fence Me In (1970) [30m]-
Mainwaring wonders if Walker is a fifth columnist.
#32 Absent Friends (1970) [30m]-
The platoon foregoes parade to compete in a darts match against the ARP wardens.
#33 Put That Light Out (1970) [30m]-
The platoon mans a local lighthouse as defence against a seaborne assault.
#34 The Two and a Half Feathers (1970) [30m]-
A new platoon member who once served with Jones accuses him of cowardice.
#35 Mum’s Army (1970) [30m]-
Mainwaring allows women into his platoon but there are rumours.
#36 The Test (1970) [30m]-
The ARP wardens challenge the Home Guard to a game of cricket.
#37 A. Wilson (Manager) (1970) [30m]-
Mainwaring discovers that Wilson has been made manager of the Eastgate branch of the bank and commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant of the Eastgate platoon.
#38 Uninvited Guests (1970) [30m]-
After the ARP headquarters is bombed, the platoon is forced to share the church hall with the wardens.
#39 Fallen Idol (1970) [34m]-
Mainwaring gets drunk and seeks to repair his image.
#40 Battle of the Giants (1971) [60m]-
The platoon is challenged to a test by the Eastgate platoon.

Series Five

#41 Asleep in the Deep (1972) [30m]-
Godfrey and Walker are trapped when a bomb falls on the local pumping station.
#42 Keep Young and Beautiful (1972) [30m]-
Members of the platoon use Frazer’s embalming equipment to keep themselves looking young and avoiding transfer to the ARP.
#43 A Soldier’s Farewell (1972) [30m]-
Mainwaring dreams he is Napoleon after eating too much toasted cheese.
#44 Getting the Bird (1972) [30m]-
Walker acquires 250 pigeons for Jones to sell as off-the-ration meat.
#45 The Desperate Drive of Corporal Jones (1972) [30m]-
After mixing up some coordinates the platoon ends up in a barn marked for target practice.
#46 If the Cap Fits… (1972) [30m]-
Mainwaring allows Frazer to act as captain for a couple of days, but Frazer soon starts to abuse his power.
#47 The King Was in His Counting House (1972) [30m]-
During a party, a bomb hits the bank.
#48 All Is Safely Gathered In (1972) [30m]-
Mainwaring, citing the harvest as vital to the war effort, offers the assistance of the platoon to gather it in.
#49 When Did You Last See Your Money? (1972) [30m]-
Jones arrives at the bank to deposit £500 and realises that his packet contains half a pound of sausages instead of money.
#50 Brain Versus Brawn (1972) [30m]-
The platoon is challenged to plant a dummy bomb in the officer commanding’s office.
#51 A Brush with the Law (1972) [30m]-
Mainwaring is charged with showing a light and taken to court by a gleeful Hodges.
#52 Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel (1972) [30m]-
The platoon is chosen for testing the War Office’s new, radio-controlled explosive wheel.
#53 Time on My Hands (1972) [30m]-
The platoon must rescue an enemy pilot trapped on the town hall clock. 

Series Six

#54 The Deadly Attachment (1973) [30m]-
The platoon is ordered to guard the crew of a sunken U-boat until the escort arrives.
#55 My British Buddy (1973) [30m]-
A group of American soldiers arrives at Walmington-on-Sea.
#56 The Royal Train (1973) [30m]-
The platoon tries to provide a guard of honour for George VI but bungles it badly.
#57 We Know Our Onions (1973) [30m]-
The platoon takes an efficiency test that could promote the platoon to twelve stars.
#58 The Honourable Man (1973) [30m]-
Wilson inherits a title.
#59 Things That Go Bump in the Night (1973) [30m]-
The platoon runs out of petrol and spends the night in a haunted house.
#60 The Recruit (1973) [30m]-
Mainwaring takes leave due to an ingrown toenail, so Wilson takes charge.

Series Seven

#61 Everybody’s Trucking (1974) [30m]-
A steam engine blocking the road causes trouble for the platoon.
#62 Man of Action (1974) [30m]-
Mainwaring declares martial law after a series of disasters.
#63 Gorilla Warfare (1974) [30m]-
The platoon must trust no one for GHQ has sent out counter agents to catch them.
#64 The Godiva Affair (1974) [30m]-
Just who is going to play Lady Godiva in the parade?
#65 The Captain’s Car (1974) [30m]-
Wilson and Pike mistakenly paint the wrong Rolls Royce for camouflage.
#66 Turkey Dinner (1974) [30m]-
Jones accidentally shoots a turkey, providing a dinner for the town’s senior citizens.

Series Eight

#67 Ring Dem Bells (1975) [30m]-
The platoon is mistaken for real Germans after playing them in a training film.
#68 When You’ve Got to Go (1975) [30m]-
Pike amazingly passes the medical exam and is set to join the Royal Air Force.
#69 Is There Honey Still for Tea? (1975) [30m]-
Godfrey’s cottage is under threat from the building of a new aerodrome, but Frazer blackmails the minister in charge to save it.
#70 Come In, Your Time Is Up (1975) [30m]-
The platoon goes camping and discovers three German airmen in a dinghy on the reservoir.
#71 High Finance (1975) [30m]-
Mainwaring stops Jones from cashing any more cheques. Investigations reveal a trail of debtors ending at the orphanage.
#72 The Face on the Poster (1975) [30m]-
Mainwaring sets about planning a recruiting campaign to triple their manpower.
#73 My Brother and I (1975) [39m]-
Mainwaring’s drunken brother Barry arrives in Walmington-on-Sea.
#74 The Love of Three Oranges (1975) [30m]-
Mainwaring is determined to buy a scarce orange for his wife at a bazaar.

Series Nine

#75 Wake-Up Walmington (1977) [30m]-
Mainwaring believes that the townspeople are becoming lax, so he orders Operation Wake-Up.
#76 The Making of Private Pike (1977) [30m]-
Pike borrows Mainwaring’s recently acquired staff car to drive his new girlfriend to Eastgate.
#77 Knights of Madness (1977) [30m]-
The platoon decides to stage a reenactment of the battle between Saint George and the Dragon.
#78 The Miser’s Hoard (1977) [30m]-
Frazer keeps his savings in the form of gold sovereigns, but Mainwaring believes his hoard would be better in the bank.
#79 Number Engaged (1977) [30m]-
Mainwaring spots an unexploded bomb caught in the telephone wires.
#80 Never Too Old (1977) [35m]-
Jones finally marries Mrs Fox, but the service is interrupted by an invasion warning.