Worst & Best Dad’s Army Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 80
First Transmission: 1968-1977
Channel: BBC

Dad’s Army was created by Jimmy Perry.

The show follows the adventures of the British Home Guard during  World War II. The Home Guard was open to volunteers who were generally too old for military service – hence the moniker “Dad’s Army.” The motley bunch of characters was presided over by the pompous Capt. Mainwaring.

The show is still repeated worldwide.


Arthur Lowe: Capt. George Mainwaring
Clive Dunn: L/Cpl Jones
John Le Mesurier: Sgt Arthur Wilson
John Laurie: Pte Jock Fraser
Ian Lavender: Pte Frank Pike
Arnold Ridley: Pte Charles Godfrey


Best Episode [ S6 Ep1 ]

The Deadly attachment – Mainwaring’s men have been charged with the task of guarding a captured German U-boat crew until a military escort arrives. Much hilarity ensues when they have to house them in the church hall overnight because of a delay with the escort. This episode includes the scene where Pike sings “Hitler is a twerp”  and gets his name put on the Germans hit list.

31 October 1973

Imdb Score [9.1]


Worst Episode [ S1 Ep2 ]

Museum Piece – The future Home Guard needs military supplies, so Captain Mainwaring simply cannot resist illegally ‘requisitioning’ anything of use in the Peabody Museum of Historical Army Weapons when it closes for the war.  The loot proves worse than disappointing.

7 August 1968

Imdb Score – [7.1]


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Season One

The Man and the Hour (1968) –
After hearing of the formation of the Home Guard bank manager George Mainwaring decides to form a platoon in Walmington-on-Sea and declare himself Captain.
Museum Piece (1968) –
Mainwaring attempts to requisition much-needed weapons from the local Peabody Museum of Historic Army Weapons.
Command Decision (1968) –
Mainwaring hands over command to Colonel Square for weapons, but the weapons are muskets and he wants the platoon to fight on horseback.
The Enemy Within the Gates (1968) –
Mainwaring’s men capture a couple of German airmen.
The Showing Up of Corporal Jones (1968) –
Corporal Jones has to complete an assault course in fifteen minutes or he will be removed from the platoon.
Shooting Pains (1968) –

Season Two

Operation Kilt (1969) –

The Battle of Godfrey’s Cottage (1969) –

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker (1969) –

Sergeant Wilson’s Little Secret (1969) –

A Stripe for Frazer (1969) –

Under Fire (1969) –

Season Three

The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones (1969) –
Jones’ butcher van is converted into an armoured car for the platoon.
Battle School –
The Platoon go to a training facility, where they are challenged to capture an officer.
The Lion Has Phones –

The Bullet Is Not for Firing –

Something Nasty in the Vault –

Room at the Bottom –

Big Guns –

The Day the Balloon Went Up (1969) –

War Dance –

Menace from the Deep =

Branded –

Man Hunt –

No Spring for Frazer –

Sons of the Sea (1969) –

Season Four

The Big Parade (1970) –

Don’t Forget the Diver (1970) –

Boots, Boots, Boots (1970) –

Sgt – Save My Boy! (1970) –

Don’t Fence Me In (1970) –

Absent Friends (1970) –

Put That Light Out (1970) –

The Two and a Half Feathers (1970) –

Mum’s Army (1970) –

The Test (1970) –

A. Wilson (Manager) (1970) –

Uninvited Guests (1970) –

Fallen Idol (1970) –

Battle of the Giants (1971) –

Season Five

Asleep in the Deep (1972) –

Keep Young and Beautiful (1972) –

A Soldier’s Farewell (1972) –

Getting the Bird (1972) –

The Desperate Drive of Corporal Jones (1972) –

If the Cap Fits… (1972) –

The King Was in His Counting House (1972) –

All Is Safely Gathered In (1972) –

When Did You Last See Your Money? (1972) –

Brain Versus Brawn (1972) –

A Brush with the Law (1972) –

Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel (1972) –

Time on My Hands (1972) –

Season Six

The Deadly Attachment (1973) –

My British Buddy (1973) –

The Royal Train (1973) –

We Know Our Onions (1973) –

The Honourable Man (1973) –

Things That Go Bump in the Night (1973) –

The Recruit (1973) –

Season Seven

Everybody’s Trucking (1974) –

Man of Action (1974) –

Gorilla Warfare (1974) –

The Godiva Affair (1974) –

The Captain’s Car (1974) –

Turkey Dinner (1974) –

Season Eight

Ring Dem Bells (1975) –

When You’ve Got to Go (1975) –

Is There Honey Still for Tea? (1975) –

Come In, Your Time Is Up (1975) –

High Finance (1975) –

The Face on the Poster (1975) –

My Brother and I (1975) –

The Love of Three Oranges (1975) –

Season Nine

Wake-Up Walmington (1977) –

The Making of Private Pike (1977) –

Knights of Madness (1977) –

The Miser’s Hoard (1977) –

Number Engaged (1977) –

Never Too Old (1977) –
Jones finally marries Mrs Fox but the service is interrupted by an invasion warning.