Worst & Best Butterflies Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 4
Episodes: 28
First Transmission: 1978-1983
Channel: BBC

Butterflies is a British sitcom series written by Carla Lane.

The comedy deals with the life of Ria, the matriarch of the middle-class Parkinson family. The main theme dealt with is Ria’s unconsummated relationship and almost affair with the outwardly-successful Leonard. Ria is still in love with her husband, Ben, and has raised two teenage sons, yet finds herself dissatisfied with life and in need of something more.

Wendy Craig: Ria Parkinson
Geoffrey Parkinson: Ben Parkinson
Nicholas Lyndhurst: Adam Parkinson
Andrew Hall: Russell Parkinson


Best Episode [ S2 Ep8 ]

The Christmas with the Parkinsons – The thought of cooking for Christmas frightens Ria. Back home she burns the pizza and dwells on her wasted opportunities. On Christmas Eve, Leonard rings and they meet in the park. Christmas Day begins well but Ria feels wistful when she hears the musical Christmas card that Leonard has sent.

22 December 1979

Imdb Score [8.1]


Worst Episode [ S4 Ep7 ]

Loose Ends – Ben resists Amanda’s advances and takes her back to the station. Ria is unaware that Ben has given Amanda the brush-off. She packs her bags ready to leave but when she sees Leonard in the park she cannot go through with it. She senses that Ben loves her after all and returns home.

19 October 1983

Imdb Score – [5.9]


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Brown episodes rated below par.

Season One

When Ria Met Leonard (1978) –

Breaking the Silence (1978) –

Thinking About a Job (1978) –

How About Lunch? (1978) –

The Lovers (1978) –

He’ll Have to Go (1978) –

Season Two

Leaving (1979) –

Fox Hunting (1979) –

Worrying (1979) –

A Dog’s Life (1979) –

Keeping Fit (1979) –

An Attractive Visitor (1979) –

Lunch with Leonard (1979) –

Christmas with the Parkinsons (1979) –

Season Three

An Empty Cage (1980) –

Ruby’s Crisis (1980) –

Pregnancy (1980) –

Problems, Problems (1980) –

Happy Birthday, Ria (1980) –

Gimme Shelter (1980) –

Parting (1980) –

Season Four

Back from New York (1983) –

Amanda (1983) –

Pot (1983) –

Cleaning Windows (1983) –

Calling (1983) –

Breaking Up (1983) –

Loose Ends (1983) –