Worst & Best Black Books Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 3
Episodes: 18
First Transmission: 2000-2004
Channel: Channel4

Black Books is a British sitcom created by Dylan Moran and Graham Linehan.

Bernard Black owns a small bookshop called Black Books. Bernard is a grouchy shopkeeper who has a hatred of the outside world and virtually everybody who inhabits it, except for his best friend, Fran. The series revolves around the lives of Bernard, Manny and Fran who work in the bookshop.

Black Books was a critical success and won two BAFTAs for Best Situation Comedy in 2001.

Dylan Moran: Bernard Black
Tasmin Grieg: Fran
Bill Bailey: Manny

Best Episode [ S1 Ep3 ]

Grapes of Wrath – After Manny calls a cleaner to the shop, he and Bernard must vacate it. Luckily they are asked to house sit for a friend. Meanwhile, Fran goes on an ill-fated date.
13 October 2000



Worst Episode [ S3 Ep5 ]

Travel Writer – Fran & Manny become enamored with a dashing travel writer giving a talk at the shop, while Bernard contends with a most unorthodox new landlord.
8 April 2004

Full Episode Guide

Blue stories rated above par.
Brown stories rated below par.

Season One

Cooking the Books (2000) –
Bernard is faced with the daunting prospect of doing his own taxes when the accountant flees.
Manny’s First Day (2000) –
Bernard wakes up from a boozy night to discover that he has accidentally given Manny a job at the bookshop.
Grapes of Wrath (2000) –
Manny calls a creepy cleaner because of the sheer filth of the bookshop.
The Blackout (2000) –
Manny celebrates his birthday with an all-night “Sweeney” marathon and ends up down the local police station.
The Big Lock-Out (2000) –
Manny gets locked inside the bookshop after forgetting the alarm code.
He’s Leaving Home (2000) –
Manny finally gets fed up with Bernard’s constant abuse and demands on him so he leaves for a better life. 

Season Two

The Entertainer (2002) –
Fran decides to take up piano lessons.
Fever (2002) –
It is a very hot day, so Manny tries to maintain his body temperature so it doesn’t go over 88 degrees.
The Fixer (2002) –
Bernard and Manny deal with a gangster turned writer.
Blood (2002) –
Manny and Bernard try to keep up with modern book shops.
Hello Sun (2002) –
Fran cleans up her life and Bernard and Manny get into Freud.
A Nice Change (2002) –
Construction work starts next door to the shop, 

Season Three

Manny Come Home (2004) –
Manny defects to Goliath Books after an “incident” with Bernard.
Elephants and Hens (2004) –
Bernard holds a children’s themed book day in the shop.
Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa (2004) –
Manny’s parents come to the shop for the weekend.
A Little Flutter (2004) –
Bernard gets the gambling bug.
Travel Writer (2004) –
Fran and Manny become enthralled by a trave writer.
Party (2004) –
Manny and Fran take Bernard to a party, but drunkenness dredges up secrets and bitterness.