Worst & Best Auf Wiedersehen Pet Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Comedy Drama
Series: 4
Episodes: 40
First Transmission: 1983-2004
Channel: ITV

Auf Wiedersehen Pet was created by Franc Roddam after an idea from Mick Connell, a bricklayer from, and written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais of  Likely Lads fame.

The show follows seven English migrant construction workers who leave the UK to search for employment overseas. In the first series, the men live and work on a building site in Düsseldorf.

In 2000, series 1 set in Germany was ranked number #46 on the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes in a list compiled by the British Film Institute.

Tim Healy
: Dennis Patterson
Kevin Whately: Neville Hope
Jimmy Nail: Oz Osbourne
Timothy Spall: Barry Taylor
Gary Holton: Wayne Norris
Pat Roach: Bomber
Christopher Fairbank: Moxey

Best Episode ( S1 Ep13 )

When the Boat goes Out – Barry’s bike explodes, demolishing the hut and destroying most of the lads’ possessions. As the smoke subsides, the crew decides who will stay on in Germany and who will head for home.

10 February 1984

Imdb Score [9.4]



Worst Episode ( S3 Ep1 )

Au Revoir: Part 1 – Following a riot in the African country where they are working at an embassy, Oz sustains an injury to his backside whilst sheltering a female embassy official with whom he has been having sex, from a bomb. The group gets air-lifted and ends up in Laos to undertake more embassy work. However, Bomber has stayed behind in Arizona with his new family and sends his greetings to his colleagues.

28 December 2004

Imdb Score – [6.8]



Full Episode List

Key:-  Blue highlighted episodes rated in the top half, brown highlighted episodes rated in the bottom half.


Season One

If I Were a Carpenter (1983)

Who Won the War Anyway? (1983)

The Girls They Left Behind (1983)

Suspicion (1983)

Home Thoughts from Abroad (1983)

The Accused (1983)

Private Lives (1983)

The Fugitive (1984)

The Alien (1984)

Last Rites (1984)

The Lovers (1984)

Love and Other Four Letter Words (1984)

When the Boat Goes Out Educating Oz (1984)


Season Two

The Return of the Seven, Part 1 (1986)

The Return of the Seven, Part 2 (1986)

A Law for the Rich (1986)

Another Country (1986)

A Home from Home (1986)

Cowboys (1986)

No Sex Please, We’re Brickies (1986)

Marjorie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1986)

Hasta La Vista (1986)

Scoop (1986)

Law and Disorder (1986)

For Better or Worse (1986)

Quo Vadis, Pet (1986)


Season Three

Bridging the Gap (2002)

Heavy Metal (2002)

Bridge Over Troubled Water (2002)

A Bridge Too Far (2002)

Another Country (2002)

An Inspector Calls (2002)


Season Four

Britannia Waives the Rules (2004)

Our Men in Havana (2004)

A Gift from Fidel (2004)

Moonlighting (2004)

Dangerous Liaisons (2004)

The End of the Affair (2004)

Au Revoir, Part 1 (2004)

Au Revoir, Part 2 (2004)