Worst & Best Allo Allo Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 85
First Transmission: 1982-1992
Channel: BBC

Allo Allo! was created by David Croft

The comedy was a spoof version of the BBC drama series, Secret Army. Rene Artois just wants enough peace and quiet to run his cafe and carouse with his waitresses without his wife Edith catching him out. Unfortunately, the small matter of a war needs to be to contended with. The Resistance want him to help them to repatriate escaped British airmen, while Rene wants to avoid being shot by the Germans.

Gordon Kaye: Rene Artois
Carmen Silvera: Edith Artois
Vicki Michelle: Yvette Carte-Blanche


Best Episode [ S2 Ep7 ]

The Gateau from the Chateau – The General plans a party at the chateau to celebrate the Kaiser’s birthday. The Resistance, see this as the ideal situation to assassinate the General. The Gestapo discover the Resistance are plotting to blow up the chateau, so the party moves to the cafe, leaving René much less keen on the Resistance’s plans.

26 December 1985

Imdb Score – [8.8]



Worst Episode [ S7 Ep1 ]

A Quiet Honeymoon – Madame Fanny and Ernest Leclerc are arrested after stealing a motorbike and smashing through a roadblock. General Von Flockenstuffen announces that he is replacing General Von Klinkerhoffen because of the latter’s nervous breakdown.

5 January 1991

Imdb Score – [7.6]



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Series One

The British Are Coming (1982) –

The British ‘Ave Come (1984) –
Flick is trying to trace a valuable painting called “The Fallen Madonna.”
Pigeon Post (1984) –
The British Airmen are captured by the Communist Resistance, having escaped in the German officers’ uniforms.
Saville Row To The Rescue (1984) –
René waits for the plane to drop the German uniforms, but when it lands, a tailor is on board.
The Execution (1984) –
While on a sabotage mission, Rene is captured by German troops.
The Funeral (1984) –
René begins posing as his own twin brother, as his “funeral” is arranged.
Red Nick’s Colonel (1984) –
Von Strohm and Captain Geering are captured by the Communist Resistance.
The Dance Of The Hitler Youth (1984) –
Rene and Edith disguise themselves to get into Gestapo headquarters.

Series Two

Six Big Boobies (1985) –
Edith is now a rich widow after Rene’s presumed demise.
The Wooing Of Widow Artois (1985) –
Edith continues to gallivant around the village.
The Policeman Cometh (1985) –

Swiftly And With Style (1985) –

The Duel (1985) –
Rene and Alfonse duel over the hand of Edith.
Herr Flick’s Revenge (1985) –
The Colonel, the Captain and Rene are taken to the dungeons of the chateau.
The Gateau From The Chateau (1985) –
Nearly everyone has a plan to kill General Von Klinkerhoffen.

Series Three

The Nicked Knockwurst (1986) –

Gruber Does Some Mincing (1986) –

The Sausage In The Wardrobe (1986) –

Flight Of Fancy (1986) –

Pretty Maids All In A Row (1987) –

The Great Un-Escape (1987) –

Series Four

Prisoners Of War (1987) –

Camp Dance (1987) –

Good Staff Are Hard To Find (1987) –

The Flying Nun (1987) –
The Resistance’s radio signal is being jammed by the Gestapo, which leads to Mimi hanging off the line of a kite while disguised as a nun.
The Sausage In The Trousers (1987) –
Without batteries to power the radio in the attic bedroom, René and Yvette must generate it using pedal power.
The Jet-Propelled Mother-In-Law (1987) –
General Von Klinkerhoffen has commandeered Monsieur Alfonse’s vineyard.

Series Five

Desperate Doings In The Dungeon (1988) –

The Camera In The Potato (1988) –

Dinner With The General (1988) –

The Dreaded Circular Saw (1988) –

Otherwise Engaged (1988) –

A Marriage Of Inconvenience (1988) –

No Hiding Place (1988) –

The Arrival Of The Homing Duck (1988) –

Watch The Birdie (1988) –

Rene Under An Assumed Nose (1988) –

The Confusion Of The Generals (1988) –

Who’s For The Vatican (1988) –

Ribbing The Bonk (1988) –

The Reluctant Millionaires (1988) –

A Duck For Launch (1988) –

The Exploding Bedpan (1988) –

Going Like A Bomb (1988) –

Money To Burn (1988) –

Puddings Can Go Off (1989) –

Landmines For London (1989) –

Flight To Geneva (1989) –

Train of Events (1989) –

An Enigma Variation (1989) –

Wedding Bloss (1989) –

Down The Drain (1989) –

All In Disgeese (1989) –

Series Six

Desperate Doings In The Graveyard (1989) –

The Gestapo For The High Jump (1989) –

The Nouvion Oars (1989) –

The Nicked Airmen (1989) –

The Airmen De-Nicked (1989) –

The Crooked Fences (1989) –

Crabtree’s Podgeon Pist (1989) –

Rising To The Occasion (1989) –

Series Seven

A Quiet Honeymoon (1991) –

An Almighty Bang (1991) –

Fleeing Monks (1991) –

Up The Crick Without A Piddle (1991) –

The Gestapo Ruins A Picnic (1991) –

The Spirit Of Nouvion (1991) –

Leg It To Spain! (1991) –

Prior Engagements (1991) –

Soup And Sausage (1991) –

Rene Of The Gypsies (1991) –

Series Eight

A Bun In The Oven (1991) –

Arousing Suspicions (1992) –

A Woman Never Lies (1992) –

Hitler’s Last Heil (1992) –

Awful Wedded Wife (1992) –
Rene has organised a secret wedding with Yvette.
Firing Squashed (1992) –

A Fishful Of Francs (1992) –

Swan Song (1992) –

Series Nine

Gone With The Windmill (1992) –

A Tour De France (1992) –

Dead Man Marching (1992) –

Tarts And Flickers (1992) –

A Fishy Sendoff (1992) –

A Winkle In Time (1992) –
Rene and the cafe staff prepare to welcome the invading Brits.