About the Series

Genre: UK Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 85
First Transmission: 1982-1992
Channel: BBC

Allo Allo! was created by David Croft

The comedy was a spoof version of the BBC drama series, Secret Army. Rene Artois just wants enough peace and quiet to run his cafe and carouse with his waitresses without his wife Edith catching him out. Unfortunately, the small matter of a war needs to be to contended with. The Resistance want him to help them to repatriate escaped British airmen, while Rene wants to avoid being shot by the Germans.

Gordon Kaye: Rene Artois
Carmen Silvera: Edith Artois
Vicki Michelle: Yvette Carte-Blanche


Best Episode ( S2 Ep7 )

The Gateau from the Chateau – The General plans a party at the chateau to celebrate the Kaiser’s birthday. The Resistance, see this as the ideal situation to assassinate the General. The Gestapo discover the Resistance are plotting to blow up the chateau, so the party moves to the cafe, leaving René much less keen on the Resistance’s plans.

26 December 1985

Imdb Score – [8.8]



Worst Episode ( S7 Ep1 )

A Quiet Honeymoon – Madame Fanny and Ernest Leclerc are arrested after stealing a motorbike and smashing through a roadblock. General Von Flockenstuffen announces that he is replacing General Von Klinkerhoffen because of the latter’s nervous breakdown.

5 January 1991

Imdb Score – [7.6]