Best Royle Family Episodes/List

About the Series

Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 3
Episodes: 25
First Transmission: 1991-1995
Channel: BBC

Bottom was created by Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall.

The show depicts the sad lives of the two flatmates Edward Elizabeth Hitler and Richard  Richard and follows their many ridiculous adventures. The show is noted for its chaotic, nihilistic humour and violent comedy slapstick.

In 2004, Bottom came was ranked 45 in the “Britain’s Best Sitcom” poll by the BBC.

Rik Mayall: Richie Rich
Ade Edmondson:  Eddie Hitler

Best Episode [ S2 Ep5 ]

Holy – It’s Christmas day and Richie is cooking the dinner and all his mates are invited. Dave Hedgehog and Spudgun arrive to find that Christmas dinner is slightly below par. Never mind, because later Richie is revealed to be the son of God.

29 October 1992

Imdb Score [9.0]



Worst Episode [ S1 Ep3 ]

Contest – Eddie comes home from a very bad day at work and Richie finds Eddie is not paying the rent and has only got $11.80 which he has spent on an adult magazine. But Richie finds Eddie has put on a bet on the Miss World contest on TV.

30 September 1991

Imdb Score – [8.1]


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Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

Bills, Bills, Bills (1998) –
Jim is annoyed when he sees the size of the phone bill.
Making Ends Meet! (1998) –
Jim complains about the expense of the upcoming wedding.
Sunday Afternoon (1998) –
Barbara’s mum Norma, known as Nana, comes for Sunday tea and to see Denise in her wedding dress.
Jim’s Birthday (1998) –
It’s Jim’s birthday and the Carrolls from next door come in to help with the celebrations.
Another Woman? (1998) –
Denise is drunk and angry, claiming that Dave has been flirting with the buxom Beverley Macca.
The Wedding Day (1998) –
Dave and Denise’s wedding day finally arrives.

Season Two

Pregnancy (1999)
Sunday Lunch (1999)
Nana’s Coming to Stay (1999)
Nana Comes to Stay (1999)
Barbara’s Finally Had Enough (1999)
Antony’s Birthday (1999)
Christmas Special (1999)

Season Three

13. 3-1 16 Oct 00 Hello Baby Dave (2000)
14. 3-2 23 Oct 00 Babysitting Again (2000)
15. 3-3 30 Oct 00 Decorating (2000)
16. 3-4 06 Nov 00 Elsie’s Funeral
17. 3-5 13 Nov 00 Antony’s Going to London
18. 3-6 27 Nov 00 The Christening

S03. 3-0 25 Dec 00 Christmas Special (2000)
S03. 3-0 29 Oct 06 The Queen of Sheba (2006)
S03. 3-0 25 Dec 08 The New Sofa (2008)
S03. 3-0 25 Dec 09 The Golden Egg Cup (2009)
S03. 3-0 25 Dec 10 Joe’s Crackers (2010)
S03. 3-0 25 Dec 12 Barbara’s Old Ring (2012)